Learning with Linoit

Linoit is a great collaborative tool to use with students. Essentially, it is an online bulletin board that allows students to post sticky notes that may include their thoughts, photos, videos or files. You can use it for students to collaborate as a whole class or in groups. It could also be used to display one student’s work and then have other students post sticky notes to comment from peer to peer.

Linoit’s interface is quite user friendly. Once you have set up an account, you will be asked to create a canvas. You can then choose a name, a background and the level of privacy you would prefer. From there you can begin posting your sticky notes. This a great example of the type of collaboration you could use in your classroom:

Once you have begun creating a canvas you will notice in the top right corner there is an i button to click to gather information on links and embed codes. By using one of these links, you can have students gain direct access and start posting sticky notes without having to sign up for an account. It is as simple as that to get students collaborating and using technology in the classroom!

Resources for Linoit:


Linoit Tutorial  – a quick reference guide with labeled screenshots

tech and teach Linoit Sticky Notes Online

50 Intergration Ideas of Linoit

Linoit for Collaborative Learning


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