Prodigy’s Potential

For a number of years now, I have been using Prodigy in my class as part of my Math program. Prodigy is a free game that has students practice Ontario (or common core) math skills. Students get to role play a wizard and challenge other wizards in the game to battles using magic spells. The math learning is embedded in these battles and therefore is an excellent example of gamification and the reason why so many students enjoy playing Prodigy. As a teacher, there are many features of Prodigy that I really appreciate:

  • I can choose specific tasks for students to complete that align with my units
  • I can choose modified tasks for students that are on modified programs
  • I can track when and how much time is spent by each student on the game
  • I can track what questions were answered correctly and incorrectly
  • I can access incorrect responses to find out where students are struggling and how to support them
  • If I don’t assign tasks or activities, the game will default to the students learning level and adjust accordingly by providing a variety of math questions
  • Students can access the game from anywhere as long as they have internet access

My students really enjoy Prodigy and they especially love when they can battle other students in the class. They are very motivated to practice and review math skills because the Prodigy game has a lot of fun features to explore and play: new worlds, decorating their homes, having pets, creating new outfits… It has become increasingly popular and has definitely put some excitement into my Math program!

The following are some resources about Prodigy

Website Review:

Learning Math Made Fun with Prodigy

SMARTeacher’s Prodigy Math Program Review




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