Tell me about Tellagami

Do you have students that are nervous about getting up in front of their peers to present? Do you have students who struggle in areas with speech? Do you want to introduce a new and fun way for students or yourself to present information? Tellagami is the answer! Tellagami is an iPad App that allows you to create and share quick animated videos using an avatar. In 3 quick steps you can complete a Tellagami video:

Step 1 – customize your character (avatar) and choose your background

Step 2 – record your voice or type a message for your character to say

Step 3 – share your video on Facebook, Twitter, via text or email

What I love most about this technology is that it is user friendly for primary students while also holding its appeal to older students or even teachers themselves. There are many ways to incorporate the use of this app in your classroom:

  • presentations
  • commercials
  • how to activities
  • introduce characters, famous historical figures
  • newscasts


The following are a list of resources to help you get started

A Handful of Ideas for Using Tellagami

10 Ways to Use Tellagami Across the Content

Technology in the Classroom – Tellagami App


Hopefully this is enough to get you creating and experimenting with Tellagami. This app also offers a lot of app smashing  abilities, but I will save that for a later date.


One thought on “Tell me about Tellagami

  1. Tellagami is a favorite with my students. I have a Secondary DE class and have several students with speech difficulties and several with anxiety issues. Once I showed them how to use Tellagami – they were off and running. It is very user friendly and they are able to make a presentation to the class that sounds like their classmates and that everyone can understand. It is so rewarding to see them beam with pride after playing their app smash presentation (my crew likes to combine Google Docs, iMovie and Tellagami) and then sharing it with their parents through our class website. Thanks for sharing, T!

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