What’s this thing called Thinglink?

This past fall, while I was completing my Tech Specialist course, I was introduced to a really interesting program called Thinglink. I had made a promise to myself during this course that I would try to think outside the box and use as many different programs as I could to complete written assignments. I wanted to embrace my new “risk taking” ways in technology and continue to push myself beyond my comfort zone. What better way to do this, than to actually start using programs for my own assignments that I dreamed of implementing in my classroom!

Thinglink was so different than any other program I had used and this is what intrigued me and motivated me to begin using it. Thinglink is essentially an interactive image that contains “links” to a variety of different things on your given topic. Check out the Thinglink I created to outline the positive and negative aspects of hacking.

There are so many activities or assignments you could have students complete using Thinglink. Here are just a few examples you may consider:

  • Use the cover of a novel to have students create a reading summary
  • Use an image of a famous historical figure highlight important facts and accomplishments of the individual
  • Have students use an image of themselves to create an autobiography
  • Use a map of your school to create links that highlight each area of the school or teachers in each classroom


I have found a plethora of resources that highlight classroom uses of Thinglink. Take some time to peruse them and really begin to see the variety of uses for your classroom:

65 Ways to use thinglink in your classroom

10 Ways to Use Thinglink

20 Ways to Use Thinglink in Education

Ways to Use Thinglink in the Classroom


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