Adobe Spark

Not to be cheesy, but Adobe Spark definitely sparked my interest as a teacher and the interests of my students too. Essentially, Adobe Spark offers three different options for creativity, posts, pages and videos.


Lets you create graphics like posters, announcements, and Internet memes.

  • Teachers and students can create simple posters to print and post to inform others of important dates, events and special days
  • Adobe Spark image search uses images from Creative Commons that can be easily embedded into posts without inadvertently infringing on copyright laws
  • Students can create an image that represents `who they are` to post on their cloud account
  • Create a meme style graphic to share on a class, library  or school website


Page is the tool for creating simple web pages to showcase pictures, posters, videos, text, and links.

  • Students create a webpage that demonstrates their knowledge rather than writing an essay
  • Create an events invitation and provide a link to a Google Form
  • Create a visual timeline
  • Write an image based story
  • Create an All About Me page to share with students as an introduction project at the beginning of the year


Video is the tool for creating videos that allow you to embedded images, record your voice and choose your own background music. You can have the music play instead of recording your voice.

  • Create a flipped lesson for your class
  • Create an introduction video to a new unit or project
  • Students create an introduction video of themselves at the beginning of the year
  • Students create an end of the year video highlighting the events of the past school year
  • Students create a video of a project instead of doing a poster board or a slide deck

The bottom line is that Adobe Spark is so incredibly user friendly the possibilities are endless. My suggestion is to set up an account and play around with this tool first, then introduce it to your students. My Grade 3 students had a ton of fun with it and continuously ask when they will get to use this tool again!

Here are some fantastic resources:

16 Ways to Motivate Students in the Classroom Using Adobe Spark 

Edutopia – Adobe Spark

Richard Byrne – How to Use Adobe Spark



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